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"Wood Beaver" Twister Firewood Bundler/Wrapper

Wrap your firewood faster and easier! 4 quick load baskets included.

The “Wood Beaver” Twister Firewood Wrapper is designed to quickly stretch-wrap bundles of firewood. These machines are designed to wrap firewood from 12” to 24” long.

The tension spring clutch adjusts how much the wrap stretches. The proper tensioning of the clutch spring nearly doubles the length of the wrap. This produces a clean, economical, self-tightening bundle easily stored & carried. Open ended bundles allow the wood to dry in storage.

Beaver Wrapper is fast, 12 to 15 sec actual wrap time plus loading & unloading. Rates of 45 bundles and up an hour are common for a single operator on unit - Fasterwith the drop thru feature!

Hold the wrap across the top of the wood bundle and step on the peddle and you are ready to go.

Have one person filling the baskets while the other is wrapping!

- Four drop thru baskets included.
- Equipped with 40 rpm motor.
- ONLY available in 3/4” Cubic ft.
- 1 roll of 80 gauge wrap included & sample of handles.

Units are equipped with ¼ HP electric motor (40 rpm) and one 80 gauge x 12” roll of stretch wrap and samples of handles.

Rolls of stretch-wrap is 80 gauge, 1500’ long & 12” wide.

A 12” roll will wrap approximately 200 12”-13” diameter bundles with 3 turns or 150 bundles with 4 turns of wrap.

A 12” roll works best with wood cut approximately 16 to 18” long but easily handles random length.

Units are equipped with ¼ HP electric motor (40 rpm) and one 80 gauge x 12” roll of stretch wrap and samples of handles.

Also available for purchase:

- Web nylon handles - 1000 @ $50.00 (0.05 ea)

- 12” roll (1,500 ft.) @ $15.00 a roll , A case of shrink wrap is $60.00 a case (4 rolls).


  • Owning a Beaver Wrapper overcomes the problems of customers overloading bushel baskets, wheelbarrows or single armloads.
  • The Owner determines the size of the bundle.
  • Wrapping with a Beaver Wrapper is faster than bagging.
  • Wrapping with a Beaver Wrapper is faster and cleaner than tying with string.
  • Stretch wrapping holds wood securely during handling due to its elasticity.
  • Open-ended bundles allow the wood to dry in storage.
  • 115-volt ¼ horsepower gear motor drive.
  • 2-3 year limited Motor warranty.
  • Can be used at remote locations with a generator.


Units are made in & shipped from Hartford, WI.

SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED (the motor is taken off for shipping)

These are a great system for minimal cost.

Call 1-800-569-6813 or email e-mail us for more information.


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